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Posted by dempsy17 - July 2nd, 2020

I decided to split Supreme man 2 into two separate .fla files so it'll reduce the lag, which seems to have mostly worked. BUT I accidentally saved the second .fla file (Scene 2) as the original .fla (Basically 90% of the animation) I didn't notice it for a few hours until I found out just a few minutes ago and fucking freaked out, I was so sure that the whole animation I've been making for so long was gone, but luckily I remembered that when I accidentally replaced the Supreme man 1.fla with the Supreme man 2.fla I had basically made an accidental backup of the whole animation which allowed me to get basically everything back except the final scene before I switch to the second .fla file (Scene 2), I was still sorta annoyed since I had to reanimate basically that entire part but luckily I remembered I had created .mp3 file of the animation to show to my buds so I had the last scene, so I basically still have the whole animation, I just have to splice the scene back together. The only drawback is that the last scene before it changes .fla files may or may not sound in it due to me not adding it at the time, I might add the sounds back digitally in my editing software but idk. Sorry if this post was basically me just rambling but I just wanted write out how I almost lost the entire Supreme man 2 file, Thanks for reading my dudes.

Posted by dempsy17 - June 19th, 2020

so uh thisk inda a big yikes moment, adobe animate can't fucking handle my animation anymore at it previews at 12-22 fps and i cant even tell if i did a good job, the only way i can actually see what i animated is by testing it and that takes fucking ages and even then 30% of the time adobe crashes and when it does fucking load i have to sit through nearly a minute of footage to get to a two second clip, then it fucking resets. i'm considering piracy now.

Posted by dempsy17 - June 7th, 2020

Supreme man 2 is now 34 seconds woooooooooooo, oh and I figured out the squash and stretch effect? I forgot what it's called but it's the thing where your character stretches and distorts to create an illusion of faster movement, it made some of the scenes look a lot better. Also uh, I feel like adobe animate might start lagging and crashing more as I continue to work on this project due to all the new symbols and layers, But if it does happen I have a solution which I actually might do anyway. Also uh here's a screenshot.

(don't expect anything spectacular for when it comes out, I'm still pretty novice at this whole thing)


Posted by dempsy17 - May 1st, 2020

ughh if any1 still cares bout this i'm working ona few collavbs with some ppl that may or may not come out, if they doe come out ill post a link to them here, if u want to se some of the collab clisp go to my yt chanerl, it s the same name as thus accuont so yea. i might make a mnega complication of a bunch of tests and mini animatinos i made over the years, if i do then itl'll be posted here and on yt, thanks for the reads gamerinos, ciao


Posted by dempsy17 - September 26th, 2019

i totally forgot about mad man day 2019 even though i usually remember so next year i will do somethiang most liekly itll be suprum meme 2 and some art,

thank for read

Posted by dempsy17 - April 12th, 2019

Its coming if anyone cares xdxdxdxd